Throughout our lifetime, we have heard that “Laughter is the best medicine” and research has shown that it comes with numerous health benefits as well. Laughter is the physical expression of positive emotions. It happens as a reaction to certain internal or external stimuli. Even thinking humorous thoughts can induce laughter. When it comes to senior care, laughter plays a vital role. It can benefit seniors in a number of ways. Let’s have a look at the various benefits of laughing.

Benefits of Laughing

Lowers Blood Pressure

As seniors are at higher risk of having high blood pressure, laughter works to balance or lower their blood pressure levels. Laughter increases the vascular blood flow and revives blood circulations. It plays a useful role in fighting against heart diseases. Laughter also works to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol.

Reduces Aggression

As one ages, his ability to move or communicate gets limited. This can make elders more aggressive. On the other hand, laughter reduces the level of aggression and helps them to feel better.

Combat Memory Loss

Laughter and rumor may help seniors to combat memory loss as well. As it works to reduce cortisol levels, it can offer significant improvements ob memory tests.

Cardiac Care

Laughter protects your heart. With laughter therapy, the functions of blood vessels get improved and the flow of blood increases. This in turn helps one to prevent heart attacks and also assists one in protection from various cardiovascular diseases. Seniors are at more risk of getting such illnesses and laughing helps the heart to maintain a good flow of blood to perform properly.

Benefits of Laughing

Cope with Life Issues

Benefits of laughing are not only limited to health but also help seniors to cope with the various life issues they face in the elder age. Many seniors find it difficult to accept the changes occurring around them such as their physical limitations, loss of friends etc. Laughter, on the other hand, works to control their reaction to such situations and make them feel happy.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Laughter also helps in reducing the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes. It works to help people with type 2 diabetes.

Boosts Immune System

Laughter releases endorphins that make us feel happy both in short term and long term. It activates the diaphragm which helps the lymphatic vessels to circulate fluid through the body. It also helps body to fight against diseases.

Fights Depression

Benefits of laughing also include fighting depression. Depression in the elderly is a serious problem and laughter is believed to boost mood. The depressed senior citizens feel better. Laughter helps to counter the feelings of alienation and isolation that cause depression.

Relieves Pain

Laughing helps in relieving pain as well. As it releases endotrophins, the person feels good. It also activates T-cells in the body which helps one to fight off sickness.

Promotes Physical Fitness

Though laughter may not seem like a great exercise but it virtually engages all body’s physical systems such as muscles and nerves. With laughter, the other body parts like back muscles, legs and respiratory systems also experience a workout.

The more you laugh, the better you feel!
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