Holiday season is a joyous time for most of us where we experience shopping, arranging family get-together and may experience some level of stress as well. But, many seniors feel lonely during this time of the year. They are often neglected by other family members. Here, we share some useful tips to help your seniors enjoy holiday season even more.

Tips to Encourage Seniors Enjoy Holiday


Seniors have lived a good life with so many good moments in their lives. Looking through family pictures and past holiday events or videos from weddings and Christmas parties they attended in the past help stimulate their memories. You should also encourage them to share their stories from past holidays. When the elder family member has problems in remembering, do not make comments that would embarrass them.

Check for any depression signs

While feeling low may be normal during the holiday season but depression is not. The caretaker should look for any signs of depression and work to make the seniors enjoy holiday season. You can take them to spiritual homes, may be churches, to help with depression over the holidays.

seniors enjoy holiday

Spend Quality Time

You should spend quality time with the seniors. They have a lot to share with you and will appreciate the time you spend with them during fun holidays. Their limited mobility can hinder their ability to fully participate in the holiday celebration. You should try doing something seasonal and fun where they feel involved and engaged. You should include them in your small celebrations and make them feel connected. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give your elders this holiday season.

Include them in your celebrations

Though seniors may have physical limitations, but you can always include them in simple tasks to help out. They can

help in setting the table or may be preparing lists. Make them a part of your celebrations so that they do not feel alone.

Remove unnecessary items

You should remove any needless items that can be obstacles and could make them fall. You can also check out our useful tips to prevent senior falls.

Make Calls, Send Cards

You can always send cards to your loved parents on special occasions, letting them know that you are thinking of them. Cards are a simple gesture to show your care and love for them. Also, a simple call or even voicemail during Christmas or holiday season make their lives happier and easier. Such small gestures let your parents know that they are loved and cherished.

Decorate their home

Make them feel a part of the Christmas celebrations by decorating their homes or room. You can use electric menorahs when real flames cannot be used.

If you are living far from your ageing loved ones or are not able to give them proper time during this holiday season, hiring a caregiver for companion services can be useful. Help-U-Care provides reliable companion services that help seniors to feel happy and engaged. Feel free to contact us.