There are times when you get too involved in your life’s responsibilities and are unable to take proper care of your elderly parents. This makes their life tough and depressing. You then look for a way to make life easier for them and what better way is there than senior care?

According to a recent national survey conducted by Age Wave/Harris Interactive, nearly 67% of adult  need senior care after the age of 65. But sadly, only 37% of them realize its need and opt for it.

Getting Help for Your Elderly Parents

But to initiate a conversation regarding senior care with your parents can be difficult. If not done in the correct way, it can make them feel disrespected and dishonored.

In some cases, it has also been reported that a lot of seniors who actually want to opt for senior care, avoid talking about their senior care needs because they believe it would upset and burden their family.

So, to make this sensitive talk a little easier, here are a few ways:


When you have finally gathered strength to talk to your seniors regarding senior care, initiate a one on one conversation with them. To begin with, don’t jump off directly to: “You need senior care”.

Instead be gentle and start with things like, the problems they are facing presently including lack of personal and medical care, etc. You can then move on to “How can the quality of their life improve through senior care and assistance”.

Senior Care Elder Help

If they are showing interest, you can keep the conversation going in the same flow. Else, you need to slow down a bit more, giving them time to adapt to the topic of the conversation.


When you talk about Home Health Care Specialists – Home Care Assistance, be honest about how you feel about it. But at the same time, don’t be blunt. Also, be respectful in putting your views forwards.

Remember, a little impoliteness on your part can make them feel as if they are being forcefully persuaded for senior care. Let them know, this is for the betterment of their life.


Tell them about the benefits, senior care can offer them. The whole senior care plan is going to affect their daily schedule in a big way, so make them aware of these things too.

Getting Help Elderly Parents Need

However, avoid saying things like, “I am tired caring for you day in and day out” even if this is true. This can dishearten them and can destroy their self-esteem. You can start with, “ You will definitely like senior care program because…” and then tell them the benefits of senior care and assisted living without having to move away from their home.


Senior Care plans are a big step. Though they have a green side, your seniors might not like the concept much because of their lack of awareness about them. You need to be prepared for their approval as well as disapproval for senior care plans.

But no matter how they respond, acknowledge their decision with love and compassion. In case they deny, don’t let your emotions outburst; stay patient for a week or two and you can bring up the conversation again. You can also call a senior home care Doylestown and ask them to come in for a counseling session with your seniors.

When they finally opt for senior care, let them choose their personal caregiver themselves. This is highly important as the caregiver will be visiting your home daily.

So, if your parents are comfortable with the caregiver, they will develop a great bond which is ultimately the true benefit of senior care!