Caring for an aged person is filled with challenges and questions. They are at a high risk of heart disease. With age, there comes an increased risk of heart disease and all cardiovascular diseases. It is important to ensure that your elders look to maintain good health and wellness. Regardless of your age, it can be important steps to keep your heart healthy and reduce risk of heart disease. Though there are various heart disease risk factors like age and family history but there are also a number of risk factors which can be reduced. Here are some of things that can be done to reduce risk of heart disease.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Avoiding Stress

Avoiding stress is helpful for both who have chronic heart disease and also those who have had an acute episode. One should do their best to avoid conflict with and in front of the heart patient. Chronic stress can cause heart rate and blood pressure to rise and can also weaken the immune system. There are ways to reduce stress like talking to your loved ones, meditating and exercising to create a healthy body.

Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

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Weight Management

Weight management is also essential to reduce risk of heart diseases. Carrying a lot of weight can affect your health and increases the risk of such life-threatening conditions like heart diseases etc.

Get Regular Health Screenings

A healthy heart helps to manage the risk factors like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. The best way is to get the screening tests done on a regular basis so that the condition is controlled at an early stage and does not worsen up. Recognizing the early signs of coronary heart disease helps to lower the risk of heart attack.

Healthy Diet

Your parent should eat lots of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products in addition to proteins and whole grains. Eating foods low in saturated fats, sugars and salt keeps the heart strong and works to maintain a healthy weight.

Avoid Smoking

The lifestyle changes are also important to maintain a positive atmosphere. The parent should not indulge in smoking. Also, one should not smoke in the front of your parent. One should keep a close eye on your parent’s depression.

Regular Exercise

Exercising helps to lower the blood pressure, increase your energy levels and keep your heart strong. Regular exercise works to reduce risk of heart disease. You should reinforce the doctor’s advice to take up regular exercises. Exercise helps to make the heart and the lungs stronger. You should encourage your parent to try exercising and see if that helps.

Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

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Check for Symptoms of Heart Attack

The major symptoms of heart attack include pain or discomfort in the jaw, neck or back; feeling week; chest pain; pain in the arms and shortness of breath.

We hope that these heart healthy tips give you some insight on how to stay healthy without making too many changing in your life. These few adjustments can make a big difference in improving the overall quality of life. They work to reduce risk of heart disease among the seniors.

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