Technology plays a pivotal role in the life of seniors. The seniors using internet and social media websites is on the rise. The advancements in technology are making seniors easier than ever. Though internet seems confusing but it actually opens up many doors and provides opportunities to the seniors. Such technologies help seniors to maintain their independence while staying happy and healthy in their home. Technology allows seniors to be engaged and continue to learn while improving their quality of life. Here, we focus on the greatest benefits of technology for seniors. Let’s have a look at them.

10 Benefits of Technology for Seniors


With loads of game and hobby apps flooding in the market, one can easily download the desired ones on senior’s smartphone or tablet. In addition, there are various high quality movie and TV streaming services as well. Seniors can stream them to phones or TVs and enjoy entertainment.

Mental Health

Internet is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment and also keeps the minds of seniors active and engaged. Some studies suggest that internet stimulates the brain and lessens the risk of depression. Seniors learn to use a new technology and this provides mental stimulation. Video games also provide hours of mental exercise to the elders.


Modern technology has the ability to communicate and socialize with minimal amount of effort required. The tablets and smartphones can be customized to work around their personal needs like brighter screens for visually impaired, big icons, options to read out loud texts, emails and other documents. Then, there are also options for video calling, texting, social media and more. It lets seniors keep in contact with their friends and loved ones.

Benefits of Technology for Seniors


Safety is one of the major benefits of technology for seniors. As elders fear for being alone in their home, advancements in technology help them to not to worry. There are various personal monitoring devices that are capable of monitoring motion, location, sleep and care patterns. The alerts are sent to family members whenever a change is noticed. In addition, there are wireless security systems that offer notifications when the locks of doors or windows are open. If any intruder is detected, the system alerts the members. Technology allows seniors to keep in touch with friends and family online. They can also participate in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype.

Health Care

Technology also makes health care easier. There are several apps available that offer seniors reminders to take medications, health care tips and more. Also, various doctors have online programs to provide medication lists and tests results. One can get all information sitting at the comfort of their own home.


Whether it is about shopping for grocery or daily care needs, technology gives the convenience to order anything and everything.

Boasts Exercising

The video games offer recreational and exercise benefits to the seniors. It provides a fun opportunity to engage in light physical activities. Video game systems prove to promote participation of physical activity with seniors via virtual recreational programs. Thus, these are also beneficial for the elders.

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

Promotes Independence

Technology helps seniors to not to be dependent on others for every small need. It helps to promote fulfillment and independence among the elders. Whether it is socializing or enjoying challenging games, technology promotes happiness and freedom. They also get to explore a variety of options in the online world.

Kills Loneliness

With innovative technology, one does not feel alone. Seniors get massive amount of information and entertainment at their finger tips. Depression is one of the common problems and technology helps seniors to come out of depression and feel alive.

Encourage Hobbies

The tablet computer or iPad are beneficial for the seniors. They offer a portable option to help seniors learn a new language or read eBooks. They can also learn a new skill or develop their hobbies.

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